Aufsatzwaschbecken, Artistic Washbasin – Basin 12

 449,00 sqm / + VAT

  • In this product, the number added to the basket is pieces unit.
  • Production process is generally 10-15 days.
  • This product is ceramic and suitable for use indoors or outdoors, on the countertop.

Detailed description is below.


       Artistic different patterns are with you as sink (aufsatzwaschbecken)..

      Inspired by the colors of cultures or nature, this sink adds a lively visual feast to your space. At the same time, it diversifies the collection with patterns and colors with its standard round base infrastructure.

You will feel special…


– This sink (aufsatzwaschbecken) is hand painted and baked product.

– Fade resistant, scratch resistant, chemical resistant.

– There is no problem in contact with water. So this sink (aufsatzwaschbecken) is suitable for use above countertop. For example, kitchen, bathroom, garden, public spaces, exterior, intensive use areas, cafes, restaurants, etc.


 👉  Product Details

  • Product Size : 46x46x16 cm   (diameter=46 cm (18 in) / height=14 cm (5,5 in))
  • Thickness : 7 mm (0.28 in)
  • Sales Unit : piece
  • Raw Material : Ceramic
  • Surface: Glossy
  • Production Stages : This product is produced by hand-painted method. Then it was fired twice at high temperatures (1050°C – 1100°C) in glazed and decorative firings.
  • Usage Areas: Indoor and outdoor, wet areas (bathroom, kitchen etc.), special areas, special designs, etc. So, this sink (aufsatzwaschbecken) is suitable for use anywhere.


✈️  Shipping;

  • We can ship with express or economic cargo.
  • A tracking number is provided for each order.
  • We pack safely and conveniently for international shipping.


⚠️ Note ;

  • We produce on order. The production process is usually 10-15 days
  • Contact us for your requests and suggestions for this sink (aufsatzwaschbecken) 👉 whatsapp / e mail


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm


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Aufsatzwaschbecken, Artistic Washbasin - Basin 12

 449,00 sqm / + VAT