Unusual spaces with new colors

We made new color variations and different surface works with the porcelain glazes of our shaped tiles models.

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Take a closer look at our special colors, which we have prepared for you with oxides, and which have many varieties. We have presented dozens of colors with cracked, non-cracked, matte or glossy surfaces to your liking.


Get ready for innovation with shaped porcelain tiles! Rich models and colors can be dizzying.


AZZE HOME is an overseas brand of IKBAL PORCELAIN.

Moreover, our shaped tile types can be produced both as porcelain and ceramic. Ceramic is mostly used indoors and porcelain is applied in every desired place with peace of mind..!!

Other types of infrastructure such as tiles, ceramics are recommended for indoor use only.


So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a color on the shaped tile surface?

You can choose any color that suits your concept and is pleasing to the eye. Of course, when choosing a color, you should choose colors that you can use for a long time. Sometimes this is the contrasting colors or complementary colors to the colors in the environment. You can discuss this with an expert architect or designer. As Azze home family, we produce the color you want with love and deliver it to you safely.

What do we pay attention to for new colors in shaped tiles?

The raw materials we use do not contain heavy metals such as lead. Human health is our priority. Since we have the ability to produce on demand, we can make color adjustments in SOFT – LIVE – MATTE – TRANSITIVE- ARTISTIC – OLD styles.

Would you like to use our products in your designs? Your architect or designer can request 3d shaped tile models from us.



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